Who is the most helpful forumer?


Wdym :rage:


You mean monkey or me because me and monkey are different persons


changed date of google forms release to the 17th, was getting bored.


Oh man this blew tf up… i vote malo btw


Oki looks like meozi hq might be getting a “fun” event eh I’m just gonna do it now (meozi members only other people who try to join will be banned must be in meozi hq discord server to know when it’s live)


I like how I was added before Tyler and malotenor git%20gud


Don’t count it I’m lazy to DM and I won’t DM because why not


im not in yet…:disappointed_relieved:


[quote=“monkeyxm, post:8, topic:8042”]
If I win then this is rigged but if I do





well that quote didnt work. lemme try again.


ehhh im too lazy


Releasing link later, won’t have a chance tomorrow


I don’t deserve to be here so it’s a win win for me.


yeah you do.


LINK IS NOW RELEASED, GO VOTE(body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?)


@SkullBonewing I nominate u but u not on the list so i chose option 7 and i cant revote :frowning:


Well. Now I have to change number 7 to me.


xd now people might hate u because u put ur own name in. They probably thing u gonna vote urself xd. But i will vote for u


im still not up there


i nominate CQadmin he has given me some pretty useful information