What Players Have a Bat Cart?


Hello everyone! I’m working on the wiki right now and wanted to know all the known players with the Bat Cart besides me, Zimm, and ChaosRiot. Can I get some help naming a few more players?


What is a bat cart


legit don’t know if you have one brees


I have one


And more


Did Lord quit? I never see him
edit: he didn’t just a little inactive



Grey:2 (Quit)

ChaosRiot:2 (Inactive)

BountyWolf:2 (Inactive)

Panda:1 (Quit)

Spicy:1 (Inactive)

Mete:1 (Quit)

Jake645:1 (Inactive)

Catanic:1 (Inactive)

MagicBean:1 (Quit)

Marty:1 (Quit)



Lord:1 (Quit)

Frisk:1 (Quit)

JustLukizz:1 (Quit)

There ya go. That should be everyone. Also a little correction, Zoom switched accs and he is known as MagicBean.


Wow what a list. Can you tell me which players quit? I wanna know how many are in circulation

this is what I wrote so far. https://coastertown.fandom.com/wiki/Bat_Cart


And done :+1:


Lol Zimm I still have that list too


Brees,jake645,bountywolf,magicbean,tyler,zimm,chaosriot,frisk,growtopian,GREY, mete,lord, Bitcoin,Spicy


State has bat cart?


he has one in his profile picture


Oops sorry about that. He doesnt


Saw him yesterday, the day before, so on for about a week.

Saw him yesterday


That list is very old…


Im mad
Im feeling nad


We should ask from the clan then to give us an extra


Bitcoin used mine bat cart.He dont have


Tyler a player named pump has one.