What is Nightmare? 🤔

I just had a freaking nightmare recently. But it’s kinda cool though. I mean, I dreamt about something. I was done showering and the towel is kinda small for me so I need to hold it. And then I went inside my dressing room. I opened the door and saw a shadow or something. It’s like holding a scythe and then he sway it. I almost got hit in the neck. Luckily, he’s a shadow and kinda slow. I quickly duck and dive to the door. I was lying down sideways and I broke my arm, it’s bleeding. I saw the shadow face with fearless eyes. His eyes we’re showing my past mistakes and bad decisions. I look away. I was crying and trying to knock the door so someone could hear me. The shadow was holding it and going to strike. I shout so loud and my brother heard it. The most interesting part is my black cat jumps to the shadow face and I quickly open my eyes. I noticed that my two black and white kittens are sleeping beside me. I looked at the ceiling and laugh. My little brother asked me why did I shout, I said. I just had a nightmare.

Lesson Learned :
Don’t sleep sideways or your heart will feel pain. Laugh after you had a nightmare so shadow will go away. :slight_smile:

Picture of my two cute kittens~

The big one is the eldest, she likes to lick her siblings and she’s really loving. Actually they are three but the other one is sleeping at the other bed. Sorry if I need to flex my cats xd.



Dreams are dumb if you broke your arm like that it should have only hurt
I’m gonna have a talk with your dreams real quick


Hmm… I really don’t know too. My dream is kinda dumb tbh. xd

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Here’s my cat

Nice bed (10malps)

Wanna sleep with SB? Jk :3

Wdym this is his cats bed SB sleebs on floor

I sleep on a mat.

You are a bunny, you can sleep with my cat.

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I’m a goa- ok whateber I shall devour dose smol and cute Nom noms

i think i once had a lucid dream when i was p young and was traumatized by a rabbit(or two)

little tyler went outside in the backyard at night, went on a couple cement bricks and two rabbits started circling me. wouldn’t go away and freaked lil me out

then again it could’ve been a lucid dream because im unsure if it was real xd

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i had a dream where i logged on to ct at 1am and zimm gave me a batcart

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I had a dream and I read deans post cause he add some mods. XD


And THAT is my first time flagging you

Yea I’m selective flagger, I don’t flag people who r likely gonna start drama with me cuz of it

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