To, Dean

Dear,MeanDean me and my friend at school are thinking if you can make a survival mode with zombies?And you can make coastertown work on IPODS not IPADS IPODS Plz?

How would it work? You can probably reuse tag script if it was changed into lua

so it would work like this, you would be in single player or multi and you would go travel to parks in your cart and you would go back to your park and build a base with parts you find in parks and you would go to army base’s towns,etc and try to survive.

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Umm this kinda sounds like diggers which is a game by Dean if you want to try that out.

atleast tyler likes it and plz just stop

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for your info im just trying to make people happy

if you actually knew how to read, you would know he never said he liked it, he just said interesting.
it is interesting. interestingly retarded.

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How am I being racist? I’m not saying one race is superior or inferior to another.

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this is a game about rollercoasters and economy, not ww3.

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im just trying to make smiles on peoples faces and this is for dean not you idiot

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