This is the new anarchy

hey lads,now that the forums are dead,we can do whatever we want,say the n word,bump topics,and swear whenever we want,fuck yeah

Makes topic about anarchy no one does anything

I guess you know the reason why dean choose Reddit. Kids loves anarchy because they’re not mature enough.

Clearly Dean wanted to recreate 2c2t

im not a kid XD

nobody fucking asked you

skull you realise your part of the reason dean moved to reddit, because you’re always just unnecessarily toxic and just cause drama over people who say literally nothing controversial or offensive and are just minding their business, partaking in community discussions, and you just come up with an aggresive way to pretty much just say “fuck you” or “shut the fuck up” to a literal stranger over the internet

Doubt it, Reddit is just making it look like Dean cares

Moving to reddit only made things harder,he could have promoted Zimm and Tyler as leaders,I don’t understand.

well as far as i can see, theres a hell of a lot less arguing, drama, and/or toxicity on reddit

well as far as i can see, theres a hell of a lot less people, activity and/or cunts on reddit

because most of the people stuck around on forums and continue to be toxic

The people fucking up the forums aren’t the toxic people. Hell monkey and skull have been toxic for ages, it’s the people like Angelic who abuse their powers and the people abusing flags.

Hey I’m dead leave me out of this :<

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or monkey.

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