Stop abusing the flag system

some of y’all need to stop abusing the flag system. The point of it is to get rid of inappropriate things posted or un-needed statements that may start drama. I understand that some players make others mad but that doesn’t mean that you should flag them every time they try and say something.

And i’m not saying this to defend some people. But it’s kind of annoying when you look at a topic and half of it is flagged. or when you make a legitimate topic and it gets blocked because of people flagging. Like malo’s giveaway.

…And who did I flag? In fact, I rarely flag. Also:
The hell? Who’s flagging me?

I did flag a small amount of your posts. That I will own up to. However, Most of your flags were done my someone else, and now someone else is flagging me.

Im in a VC on discord as we speak.

What makes you think I flagged most or all of your posts?

well so much for no toxicity


Fine, tell me which threads and ill go to it.

Anymore I missed???

Chrome OS (Keystrokes)

Its incredibly laggy and with my home wifi it’s absolute crap

one time I went down to some weird shop and bought paper


thank you for that life changing story


One time I went down to a shop and bought squid, and fried it…

Siyu,you cant just call out someone for “abusing flags” when you are the main reason for closing malos topic,and in the end malo blamed pigeon and not you.

I didn’t end up flagging him on that topic.

@Ukiyo , xcx was octogang before xd

Still am lol.

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Picture from google but Fried Calamari Squid!!! :drooling_face:

Squid Hats?

Octogang, or for short Octogay. Is a clan based on illegal trading to gain power inside CT. Thats why people like Angelic and Marco were part of it.

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I don’t think they did this.