Some basic suggestions for Easter


Easter is in a little under a week, so I might be late, but I have some suggestions. Do NOT put things like db, jelly cart, and egg masks in the shop like the tiger, poo stick, and garlic hat. There will be so many bought that they will always be extremely cheap, which would be annoying for people who bought them for 300-700. Instead just do the pack like last year. Just another suggestion, please don’t make the Easter pack 1,250 :joy:


hahhahaa its not suggestion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wha? I love egg masks, I wanna see everybody wearing them

Db should also be a recurring thing for Easter, since there’ll be nothing cool to look forward to when it’s gone.

(Also, the jellycart is meant to come back. Why change that so late?)


U do know the game isn’t about being rich u greedy f-(comments deleted)


The only thing that I agree with


Looks like nobody saw this -_-


saw what skull


Umm I totally saw it :#


Easter has ended already