Read this if you do scripts


go to firehouse attack

in coaster town

Too lazy too

why chicken

Hey, you’re an entitled shit. Don’t expect some random stranger to follow you around. Because, unlike what your parents told you, you’re fucking retarded, the earth isn’t flat and the sun doesn’t evolve around your receding hairline.


What is with the toxicity in this topic…

but scare should do it cuz accroding because his mom sick dad sick brother sick and worst of ALLL HE’S SICK!!!

Yea so now ur apparently my slave

theoretically speaking, everything is the center of the universe

Well yes, but actually no.
Hawking established the general theory of cosmology, that we cannot prove, its like Schrodinger Cat, where its the most established theory, but not proven. If I were to believe in a theory like Electric Universe, then I would say otherwise. The theory that you’re the center of the universe isn’t proven.

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ya I’m feeling better

Ofc it’s not proven, but there are some interesting small-scale things you can do to support

Skull get online

If you want to have someone as your slave contact me and ill make it happen at “Slave Trade” the park i made :smiley:

Make that again I will fkin murder u. No offense :slight_smile:

But i did make it as a park go check it out for yourself :}

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