Parkour Building Giveaway!


So I did a parkour speedrun giveaway already. I wanted to try something new. I’m thinking about quitting CT (don’t spam sympathy or anything, I’m not relevant enough for that) but I’ll still try to stay on forums. Anyways, basically, I’m giving away a pair of dc wings. You will have 2 weeks to build a parkour map, you can work with a friend but whatever happens to the dc wings is not my problem. Submit ur map name and ign and Ill test it and rate it. Whichever parkour has the best story, design, etc. will get the dc wings. Then I’ll quit xD
Edit: the Park must be made after this post. If it is not then I can’t evaluate right because of extra time and Tyler. Ty


my parkour is CookieJump, by Tyler


my parkour is nothing,by myself :rofl::rofl:


That’s lame


Huh, I figured someone would do something like that.


no offense but im not gonna start a parkour project just for this thread xd

someone else can tho


make me build a parkour map, okey.


so were getting dark cupid wings right


yah watch no one do this tho and i have to give dc wings to sum dum map


wtf, we all know its DookieJump.


go to icefire ;-;


icefire i dum


I’m going to do this I like building to and plus it’'s just fun and to not let you down you know what I mean bro…


Oh u make a map that gives u coins?


Is it worth it for a dc wing?


imma build ichor just because i want to. fight me, jake paul vs ksi undercard loser gets memed on for the rest of their life.


I have parkour: TheInferno

Synopsis: Back in 300th Century, There was a tribe,which is ruined by many goblins of evil. The Prince who is trapped on the Glass of Inferno, tries to escape from his death, he saw many lost soul from the past. He hear a voice that leads him to his future, and helps the Lost Soul to go out. Atlast he saw the GlassExit and open with a password. And knew he was trap and never get away.

•Change the Story ( The prince got Trapped by finishing the Parkour)

Check out now! Do /submit @CQAdmin


Yawn boring