Ok nice job

i just lost regular and idfk how lol


know whats crazy is that i just made a post about it and you commented

yesterday CRAZY

GOOD LUCK :smile: to your journey


Someone too your place :sweat_smile: and its Akusai

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mf owned :triumph:

Dont mad :joy: its jk :rofl:

Lol rip shouldent be too hard to get back tho

Btw SCARE account I can’t long into -.-

The regular system is fucking broken and you cant change my mind

it’s not broken

there are people who are inactive and still have it

I want my regular back -_-

it twas a joke your pacifer sucking 14 year old

im gonna use joergen when dean enables my account again

youre 14 and still suck on a pacifer

can you shut up before I make you lose regular

i can just flag you aswell not to mention I literally do not care about reg, you’re the one being irrationally childish

Then why the fuck are you bringing up my age and pacifer for no reason

its meant to be a joke that you jokingly gave pacifer a blowjob and pacifers are something toddlers suck on you idiot