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This is an important topic. an extremely important topic clearing up some stuff that has been going on. In case you’re unaware of what’s been going on, here’s a quick summary. about a year ago, i joined CT and made a post on forums and let me tell you i didn’t think that this post im writing would’ve ever existed. about a month ago, i got into a verbal argument on forums and got a flag. i didnt think anything of it until i noticed that all of my posts were and still are getting flagged. at the time of writing this, i have 14 flag notifications. this post is about human scum and a very scummy thing i have been falsely accused of. that thing is scamming. I try to make a good personality of my self on the internet, but it seems like people dont like my personality. not very long ago, something got bought to my attention. a comment on a post that read something about me scamming. and i just want to say something: i have not and will never steal something that is important to someone, because thats just scummy. but when people feel the need to ruin my reputation on the internet with false facts, that just makes me so annoyed. and yes, i have PMed CQadmin for help, but havent got a reponse. people say things about me that arent true. and though i have done some bad things in the past, like getting mad at being banned in a world, and some small verbal arguments, i dont think that that’s so much of a reason to flag all of my posts. in fact, i’ve seen worse insults on forums. there are a lot of things that i just want gone, things i dont want to have me involved in them. The scamming subject, dont drag me into it because i have done nothing wrong. If there is any “Proof”, please show it to me because its probably fake. i dont see the need to ruin my online life. if you are ruining my online reputation or someone elses reputation for something they never did, ruin your own reputation. dont hold someone accountable for something they didnt do. i already know that knowing that a good portion of this community dislikes me and wont provide reason that this post will be flagged. I have decided to take a short break because i dont want to be involved in stuff that i didnt do. My break will only be until February, so its only a month. My break will include not using Coastertown or any of its mirrors, not using forums, and not using discord. the discord will say that i am online, but that is because i have other servers to be active in. please clear this up. See you in February. Please Dont ban my CoasterTown Account. Bye.

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Also i feel bad for dragging some people into this who dont wanna be involved.

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I mean im the same way too but im a public enemy everyone hates me it doesnt stop me tho does it?

EDIT: Siyu flags me for a reason tho time to go kms :slight_smile:

Hey Tre, when I flag you, I have an actual reason. Stop trying to compare yourself to pigeon who gets flagged for nothing.
When flagging you I just roleplay a libtard and get triggered at anything you say, like the term “the” is some neo-nazi shit, so I flag it.

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DISCLAIMER:i am still online until i get off.
People say i scam people and idk if its the same situation with you, but this has been going on for a while and is becoming more and more constant and i just want it to be over

i know u flag me for a reason i’ll just edit my post… and kms :slight_smile:

o i didnt know that he was posting

thats pretty f-ed up

Its a JOKE.
Tre hasn’t posted neo-nazi shit, I was just making fun of libtards who call everything racist, nazi etc.
Is Tre making fun of suicide, disgusting.

o. well, thats still

I mean, I posted ISIS propaganda so if you want to talk about fucked up.

yeah thats…thats

f-ed up is all hes going too say lmao wtf

let me cite the official ct discord rules to flag pigeon. You can swear, but if you use any swearing shorthands, BANNED.

ah. thanks for the ISIS propaganda ill be sure to not watch it

what does that mean?

No I insist its a good video.

i think he means like saying the nword xd

sorry i dont feel like watching ISIS propaganda at 11:09 PM EST

words like
frick - fuck
beach - bitch
peepee - penis
deek - dick
caw - cock
xshanex - Jeffrey Epstien

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