Hey can some one make me a western music?

plz i need it like in about 2 days

for reals no

like i need kinda like red dead

kk but do it fast

Omfg, don’t be do demanding, hes making you a song for free, jesus christ.


welll soryyyyyyyyyyyy

talo make the music

jester shut the up

Image result for weve got a badass over here

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quickmeme.com ok

also ive seen better memes on school slideshows

God damn can’t you fucking wait he’s making it for free you rat


Who the hell is this and how long will it take for us to make him quit?

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i havent seen him on in a while, hopefully he alr has

Angelic your already acting like us

lol I’m sorry I just don’t like people who act like this

Dude none of us do why else do you think we all get mad when someone steals someone else’s script?

Bcs those fkers gonna make savage quit >:(

It’s with everyone

Aw shaddap u cunt you’ll be gone soon enough