Green Dragon giveaway πŸ˜‹

Oh no (10 chars)

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189 hope i win

67 53 13 20 pls i lucky (NO IM NOT) idk if anyone has these numbers xd

121 :smile:

111 112 113 114
Dragon time

That is clearly sexual content. Smh flagged.


26, 90, 179, 137

13 pick me

Oof… Sorry mock

Frai and mock were close ONLY 1 u can say… SORRY GUYS THIS MY FRIST TIME D;

wdym only one you can say

Oh you’re the fag who is minutely better than Dayu.
Let me correct myself
Fuck off TTV.

I don’t care about your petty ass sorry to get out of scamming and the other shit that you did.

Its the same predictable cycle.
Get Hate
Play the Victim Card
So listen here you little shit.

Fuck Off.

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24, 92, 181, 136?

25, 91, 180, 136

Scammers are not wanted here, do not expect to win/receive any sympathy. I would quit now before this gets ugly

27, 89, 178, 138 lol?

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