Golden Wings

dont nerf the golden wings in diggerz its my sis

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Pm @CQAdmin next time about diggerz topics ._.
Also I play diggerz and I think he made it like that for a reason I mean there wings.
Stop being jealous you don’t have them :frowning:

im sry it was my sister i have wings in diggerz and i love it

Yah I gave them to you for tux lmao

it should be fixed.U cant kill when people flying.

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With Golden wings,people can place lava at the spawn and is really unfair,its hard to kill people too

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On diggerz i have wings But now i dont use them because its a cheat and scare told me :)) i only use wings if there is another wing person and i kill them and then take off wings.

Yes but dean did a block limit from upside.

well also its like 30x harder to gather coins unless u do that dumb lava at the top thing. I only use wings to gather coins from up high, move around the map or occasionally kill someone with a bad name lol

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just weird
this is what happend on diggerz when i was on Its just white Like litterally

This is how it is for me wdym boiii

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That’s why there lasers :frowning:

wut happend tho?

@CQAdmin can’t play diggerz now me sad me gonna die lmao

Ok it now is this

Exactly wtf is happening im sad :frowning: #spamdeansaccount

oki imma just go… also #urgay :smiley:

also #fckoff

Shotguns have less range.Lasers cost chips or getting less from digging.If u fly High they cant kill u

Kay noobs lemme explain how to kill wing users. If it’s just you and a wing guy left you have to dig urself really far down. Wing users are too overconfident and will follow you down there, they usually have to unwear wings to get there. What I would reccomend is once they get close you span turrets surrounding them. Also, placing turrets anywhere makes it hard for wing users to avoid