Gold Rush=Quest?

well the quest name would be huge

Gold Rush, By ChuckleHunter + Tales + Kahn

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ChuckleTalk xd

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i really like this idea cuz i like cowboy times and the 1860s this is good :slight_smile:

try not to revive old topics my friend

I really like this idea of you taking one too many sleeping pills you fuck. This park is already a quest and there’s not a fucking reason to bump.

first of all why do you care?

You’re a cunt, maybe that’s why I care. You pressure people into doing shit for you like a privledged fuck

-_- ok? y cant you just stop?

Are you going to continue to question my motive? Maybe it’s because I don’t like people with massive hubrises. Or people who treat people like shit because they dont give you stuff for free.

just leave me alone y are you still here?

you’re bothering everybody because you’re bumping the dang topic. also you’re still here so you’re being hypocritical.

i didnt do sh-t im saying my opinyon

He’s also giving his opinyon

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you bumped the dang topic so you did do something. you frikin started it by replying to a 7 month old topic. also

not how you spell opinion.


y do you care your like my f-cking brother

Thx for the compliment!
Try not to bump topics older than 7 days tho it makes people angry

Don’t try to be nice to this cunt lol.

well first, i wanted to point out that its annoying to see a 7 month old topic on the top of the recently active list thing. and also, i wanted to point out that its spelled “opinion” and i thought that someone who has these “great” ideas(joke) that you would know how to spell a 3rd grade level word.