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Trading game with real economy/market and roller coasters!
Instructions: WASD to move.
Use mouse build and break tiles. Click on people to trade.
Change Log
Make Music

function foo(items) { var x = "All this is syntax highlighted"; return x; }


What is Coaster Town?

Coaster Town is a trading game with a real economy/market, sandbox building, and roller coasters. There are no actual goals and you can do anything you want. Most people like to make money or build roller coasters or parkours. You can also trade items or do scripting to make your own little games within your park.

Bruh, I found a glitch!

There's a good chance this glitch has already been found, but please report on the forums if you can't find anyone talking about it.

Lag! What should I do?

If your connection is bad, Coaster Town might not even let you play at all, but try ths:

  • Close any other open tabs.
  • Pause or cancel any active downloads or streams. Pewdiepie isn't going anywhere.
  • Close all other apps.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • If your wifi isn't good then you also might be out of luck.
  • Get a better computer! Your 1998 pentium isn't good enough!

Why is this still beta?

Making games is hard and there are enough people to keep Coaster Town interesting. It will be released when it's released.

What are websockets?

Websockts are what let the browser talk to the server. It should work in any of the following browsers:

Supported browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera


  • Do not use inappropriate language. This includes explicit language, profanity, threats, hate, and racism. We report all cases of inappropriate behavior and threats to local authorities. Do not try to circumvent the swear filter.
  • Do not create or join drama. If you see any drama, just ignore it.
  • Gambling and Casino parks are not allowed.
  • Buying or selling items for other games is not allowed.
  • Scams, deception, or any method of acquiring items from other players in a manner that is not direct.
  • Never, ever share personal information. It will result in a ban. This includes name, location, phone number, e-mail address, or social media pages.
  • Hacking or modifying Coaster Town is strictly forbidden. Sharing links to hacks is also considered hacking. Taking advantage of someone else's hack is also forbidden.
  • Do not pretend you are another person: Do not impersonate being a staff member or anyone else.
  • Do not give another player any item you want back, even if you trust this person.
  • While there are no plans to reset or to lose any items, this is BETA software and we reserve the right to make changes.
  • If you see a violation, please report the player using the in-game reporting feature.

Change Log

  • Log cabin tiles and log bknd tiles
  • Changed MoveTile to take an optional 5th parameter... MoveTile(21, 96, 23, 96, 1.3) would move a block in 1.3 seconds. Working on more/better script changes too.
  • Turkey Pet
  • Temporarily-fusable items: football helmets (L6,L7,L8), Hot Pie, and last year's pilgrim items. see vote below.
  • Light swords!
  • Removed video ads. Too annoying. Replaced with park intro box on entry to each park.
  • Disabled alt-idling
  • Changed physics for MoveTile so you can ride on a tile that moves left/right
  • Stopped some items that are free from showing up as seasonal in Collection
  • Fixed up chat filter/scripts

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