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ok andrew.

there doesnt always have to be proof

yes we should believe the person being accused.
Its not like the accused has any reason to lie.

Its like your a stranger over the internet to me and all these people, its like they would hate you for no reason lmao.
You’re trying to trick me, by reversing the cycle of how you got hate, you don’t get hate for no reason lmfao.

When you get onto the internet you’re this random person no one likes or hates you. You don’t get falsely accused then hated on, because no one has a reason to falsely accuse you. You must have done something bad to get the hate in the first place. Plus, the House passed the impeachment charges without any evidence except feelings and soy, so take that how you will.

No one would hate on you for no reason then falsely accuse you for no reason. You’re just taking what I just said out of context.

i kind of understand this part, but

i can argue this. people falsely accuse people all the time, not just over the internet, but it does happen. Example: Keemstar wrongfully accused a 62 year old man of pedophelia on the internet. In real life, the Salem Witch Trials were based around false accusations. people do these things because they dont have anything better to do. they decide to ruin peoples reputations and their lives, on the internet or not.


i wonder…

did you not see that i wrote that?

what does that mean?

thank you for clearing that up. and also

i do understand that. i understand your point that it was irl and not on the internet. I was just pointing out that, in fact, it is still false accusation and it is still aiming for the same goal, ruining life/reputation.

getting defensive wewwww

yeesh imagine the new peeps hopping on for a giveaway and got blasted by two ppl arguing over smthng lol

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Giveaway x Arguments

Me win boiiiii

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an eye witness is enough evidence

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