Chip Machine


local cp = 0

function OnEverySecond(player)
x = GetPlayerX(player)
y = GetPlayerY(player)
oc = “^1You have ^6”…cp…" ^2chips"
if x == 8 and y == 98 then
cp = cp + 1


So what does this do?


Joined 2 days ago doesn’t say anything just posts a random script


Sounds like a trade hangout similar to Roblox’s could be made in CT with some reworking on this

I like y’all ideas


Hmmm, imma insert this and see what it does


its if you stand on that tile at 8,98 every second you get 1 “cp” in this game and every second it updates it via bigmessage.


oh gotcha. Sounded like some script that counted your cp or somethin fancy


watch it be something completely different because i never tried the script.