Ban Zey Please

Why I want him banned?It’s because he’s an illegal trader before while ago and he unbanned rn.He also made other developers sad and worried about their own game.Please read this carefully and think about it.If you agree,type 1,if not type 2.

  1. it looks like someones ALT account.

Hmm golden teeny? :thinking:

naw zey is an old player from jan 2018, im nearly certain hes done ilg stuff before, and a while ago in his shop he had some valuable stuff for sale likke abc, so i agree he done wrong but hes alr been banned, he wont be again until he does more ilg stuff

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His the fuck who got my ip and threatening to ddos me for getting him banned.

He was just recently unbanned. He has been banned before for illegal trading

Doesn’t sound like anything I’d do. :grin: