About Chips/coins


Cuz if not something bad gonna happen to u


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Flowers are singing
Kids are blooming
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Birds like you…


You feel your birds crawling on your back.




Don’t make me demoti u
(Bring back domi bring back domi)


first off dont worry about not having a bat cart cuz no one will ever sell one.

second, the “rare” items worth 200k chips arent actually only sold for 200k chips, nor are 50k items only sold for 50k chips. Most beta items are sold for beta other items, not just pure chips. These prices just give a basis so the trade is equivalent.


You should study about Modern Economics… :))


Alright. Just a suggestion, Anyways farming 3.0 What about machine that grows stuff that drops 1 coin per thing but takes like 1 hour to grow even 1. Or gold cotton candies that drop 8 coins, and randomly grow from cmms? Just suggstions