About Chips/coins


So this is old news, but there are not NEARLY as many chips as there are items worth cp. The highest player has about 27k cp as of now. This makes literally no sense, as the highest item costs 1 million chips. Second highest is 200k and so on. Theres not enough chips in the entire game to buy a batcart. The economy seems kinda broken, whenever new items come out most players spend ALL their chips and coins to buy the latest packs. Lowering chips even further. Chips are rare as heck, and people are too lazy to farm now, so its mainly items being traded around these days. If someone wants a gold beta eye they either pay 70k worth items or like, i dunno, 40k chips. Not that anyone has 40k. Or that anyone would buy beta eyes for 40k if they had. My suggestion is probably gonna be hated upon like crap, but we really need sms to change, to get chips a bigger part of the economy. I propose making trading chips FARMABLE. On first glance I can literally feel the hate coming xD
Hear me out though. The trading chips have to be Multi hit to be farmed somehow. Idk how this is even possible to do in this game, but I’m sure it can be done. They drop 0-3 coins or smt like that. Most importantly, they can NOT be traded back for coins, as this is how the economy is broken in the first place. Let the chips drop themselves, but every once in a rare while, drop a Gold chip(or smt) by placing and breaking a gold chips it will drop like 1-5 cp. This is a crazy suggestion i know, but trading chips are rare as frick and it would be nice for the economy to stop inflating high asf. Let the hating begin!!!


wait nvm im dumb


How about just buffing the coin drop rate?


No piss off not one 2017-2018 beta player (most well known) cares about chips as we have no use for it and it’s pointless since chips are used for new items and new items only

One more thing

This is dumb and ruins the tap to break immediately since now for mobile players we have to hold to break since dean hekked something


… Because the game is in beta… How much do you expect from 15 players .


Eventually the economy will fix itself


Or just have people farm


Look the coin rate is like, 500 a day? And about 490 of that is spent on packs, the other 10 are traded around and eventually spent also. The very fact chips can be traded for coins is a bit concerning. In pw(yes i get it pw has nothing to do with this game) But anyways if wl could be traded for gems people would trade all their wl for gems to open shard packs and get bp and whatnot and they would end up with a surplus of items like this game has. Buffing the coin drop rate will only make prices rise further, as the demand for them will be the EXACT SAME. However, farmable would be in demand a lot, as the farming now is EXTREMLY laggy, and a new way to farm would encourage people to try farming…Possibly. I stopped farming at level 48 cause my lag was just too much :confused:


that’s basically the point, its supposed to be near-impossible to get lol

sounds weird, tyler no-likey

no multi-hitttttttt

drop rate: 0.00002


Well then. Most of the expensive items are beta items, and as most of you know, they are supposed to be rewards for early testers. There isnt really a reason to buff the coin drop rate or smthing because of that. Also halloween masks. The most expensive one is around 100-150k, the catto mask. Its expensive, but it may return in some kind of giveaways or competitions and will drop when it comes back. As for the non beta items, they arent too expensive. You can earn around 200 cp per hour if you are good at farming (Coins+level ones). In theory you could even get the red dragon (cheapest beta item) with only 10 hours of farming.


Grim ur a meozi member u should know that we shouldn’t care about being rich


If chips become easier to obtain then I’m sorry those items would rise aswell ;-;


500 coins per day is wrong. you could get close to that in a one hour of farming.
nobody wants to farm bc it is boring. need to do farming 3.0 and change it to something that is more fun.


Farming is fine how it is and it shouldn’t be changed alot of people are fine with how it is and we just don’t want a huge change


Would this remove ccms?


Alright farming 3.0- (500 coins was an example so i could show how most chips are spent) You maybe break the cotton dance and get tickets, maybe 10 tickets allows you to spin a wheel or smt to get a random amount of chips/coins? And make portals like V-ports in Pw, you step on them and they teleport you. This may sound OP, but much more fun :), and they can only be link to each other, to prevent Autofarming. Idk im just throwing out random ideas here, Cheers all!


IDC about rich, im just saying it would be nice if items weren’t untradable :3


That’s the point 2017 players want betas untradeable so people won’t complain they can’t buy it cuz it’s alot of chips




World Portals :3