A few suggestions, including a script

  1. . Lets start with the script. There should be a GetPlayerLevel(player) thingy that could help for randomness stuff… yea…
    1. I was thinking there could also be a wearable item called “glow” that makes the player have a colored haze. A beta (golden) haze would look AMAZING
    1. I don’t think this would work, but a telephone. You can PM anyone who isn’t your fren (or is) and people who don’t have access can still use it.
    1. A lock. You put it on a block, now that block can only be destroyed by tapping and holding on it and pressing the X, not by the X in your hotbar (or whatever thats called)
  2. Is there a script that can create pvp teams? Or a script that disables a single persons pvp (they can’t attack or be attacked)? It would be great for a lobby, like if player in certain area turn off their guns

I know that it is possible some of this could already exist, if so, please tell me.
Edit: YES I KNOW THAT THERE IS NO MORE BETA (and I’m sad, not mad :frowning: )

  1. Tha is just your way of trying to get a beta and
  2. Dean alr said no more betas


But yes we need wls


oh sorry I didn’t know he said that
and yea I do want a beta :frowning:


No more beta it’s final


that’s like PlayerHaveItem(Golden_Jetpack) no i dont wanna be forced anywhere because of something like that lol

so an aura? coolio

hello, every single yter i just wanted to say my cat is a big fan xd


something like OwnerPvP(true/false) idk if i wanna see random players pretending to be hackers

this we can agree on definitely, sounds super useful lol


I think he wants the golden particles that used to be on beta items not new betas


no hes asking for a new beta


U would know if u saw what it was like oh wait u can’t


No boi just NO

  function OnEverySecond(player)
if PlayerHaveItem(Bat_Cart) then
a = player.." is giving away a bat cart"


I didn’t finish it b/c of parents