50k Giveaway! By a single Catto


still doesn’t mean he’s not an alt, for all we know you could be lying.


Siyustory, scare, monkeyxm, papithrasher 2, growtopian, malo, frailty, zimm, mrsavage, predict, tarmanin, ifreezee, dookie, brees, sstan, tales, lambo, soulpro, rainbowshep, tyler, syndra, chaosyplays, chaosriot, bunny-angela, rem, this is it. Anyone who wasnt included , you know why


1/25, i really like my odds


Actually I don’t know why


Also why does someone who BOUGHT an acc get to join and I don’t?


oh im stupid i forgot to put why i want. edited.
EDIT: why am i not allowed to join


lemme change my reason to
Dean is resetting all IOTD’s so now im probably worth 2k :crying_cat_face::sob:


I told u heks this ARE U DEAF U HEKIN(comment deleted)


me 27 cuz i cant afford anti bat cart


sell nasdaq then


Who winner


tbh I only still play CT to try to get rich so if I win then whoop dee doo


WAIT no i choose 79


80 because i feel that it is a lucky number thats the highest so far so that is y i decided that


I swear this isnt me.


oh thats shadows alt


Also i want it ABC Cause it is honesty the best cart for my set LMAO. GJP would be dank also, ya know, cause i have an “Angelic” set :wink: and im still kinda sad i missed your massive giveaway xd


wtf this blew up but you nerds arent getting in


ikr, the chances of winning are getting worse than Vietnam’s economy


Does it look like mar 7?