50k Giveaway! By a single Catto


eh fine, i guess fair is fair @state disclude my vote. But disclude skullalt 1 and skullalt 2 as well


Steak you joined 12 minutes ago just to join the giveaway. Somethings fishy.


state btw (i aint a snitch) is skull’s alt


Cough tim cough


I pick 12 since the meozis were formed on the 12th of december


Im pick umm 16


i select 66 and do not quit


What do u mean do not quit? Kinda suspicious


I pick 13 and I want abc… I will give my abc to Scare if I win this giveaway. <3


40, no idea why.


Gimme the gjp i want it xD


21 and I’m actually not really In need for those but I joined coz why not


Mmm. I don’t need much out of this. I want that abc or sled tho. So I’ll chose 4… also hai state how r u doin


watching my chances of getting a gjp fly away with the wind is fun :frowning:


I choose 63!


Number 14 i want the items because i want em


I’ll pick 2 because lucky hat is lvl 2


can i enter omega? He cant enter b/c his pass it too long

he picked 24


45 and i want gjp bcuz its a gjp ok


3 is mah lucky number. By the way if I win gjp I will quit forums for 2 weeks :wink:
I’m serious
oh yeah i want da gjp becuz it goes gud with kpop