50k Giveaway! By a single Catto


200th! 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀


The winners will be announced in 2 hours.


Wow, ur brother made a forum account 4 days ago with 1 comment ( only for this giveaway) and last viewed 4 days ago. Impressive.


U trying to trick me well. Ur unfriend me


Sweet, who wonz?




How about this state. If the prize isnt claimed within 2 weeks then u keep it or choose another winner


Well I mean one of them played us


monkey, rainbow isn’t an alt, I know him in real life, he just moved his stuff to this account, his previous username was really long and hard to recite (Ill call him rohan because i know him in real life) he didn’t enter with his old account so he should still get the gjp


getting flagged for saying kill youself even though it said jkjkjjk under it is my favorite thing.


You had to click Kys for the jkjk to appear ,probably one of the new forumers took it seriously and did not know


new forumers can’t flag and why tf would you say kys and say “jk” it doesn’t fix anything…


yourself :clap:


Just knew that


and please stop ranting about the flag it leads to nothing…




this is a “kids game”


Let me login