50k Giveaway! By a single Catto


Hellu hoomans,
This is I, the Cat again.

Im holding a 50k giveaway!
Cuz its fun to do ehehe

This giveaway ends in March 7, 10:00 AM (GMT+0)
So the prize will be…

1st prize = Golden Beta Jetpack

2nd prize = Anti Bat Carto or Santa Sled (Choose 1)

3rd prize = Normal cat (The most expensive prize tbh)

How to join :

Comment a random number from 1 to 100.

Numbers cant be written twice.

And tell me the reason why you want those items!

Note :

No alternative accounts can join the giveaway!

The comments that i gave a like is participated

If the number is already taken, Latechoosers wont be able to participate for this giveaway!

So thats it.

Good luck everyone whos gonna participate for this giveaway!

See ya next time!

Giveaway has been ended! No more entrys.

Alternative accounts’s entry can be denied even they are hearted.


I pick a good solid 34
I want gjp because Tre5 is a (DELETED) (DELETED) (DELETED).


Uh ill do 68. I dont want a gjp, give those to the poors. All i want is a abc because i gave mine to mrsavage cause mrsavage is gonna quit cause zuko scammed him cause hes sad cause i being nice lately cause i being very nice to give mine cause I wanted to have friends cause i should get that prize.




I pick 25 cuz it’s better then 24 and I want anti bat cart cuz why not


I’ll do 58 and I want these items because tbh I just want shet


I choose 87 and I would like really any of those items because so far I’ve made a profit of a couple negative thousands through selling, gave most of my stuff away while I was in the early 20s for levels, and I’ve never had more than 1.3k before


Ps we told state not to let skull join cuz we know hes gonna spam topics
@state Tim is skull


Skull is prob gonna bump this topic in like June


Im not skull


tbh I think ur skull too, but i’m not going to say my reason b/c i dont want this moved to lounge


do you have any evidence that Im skull, because Im not


imma pm you, no point in getting this moved to lounge.


lucky giveaway winner 69
and gotta take the kids from Karen


53 malo is gay :ok_hand:i


Numbaa 48 Iwant to be a butterfly and because of that iwant Gulden Jit peck if i won the Pirst Prise Gudluk evriwun :slight_smile:


I pick 88
I liek shiny things :smiley:


of course u do u filthy who-


wtf thats an alt


Ur an alt also ps alts aren’t allowed to join and we check parks also gl trying to cheat