200Chip giveaway (Ended)


to enter just reply this amd i will be happy if you like this topic^_^ note:giveaway can end late because time in here later than other countries GOODLUCK TO EVERYOME edit: BREEZ GAVE ME 100CHIPS MORE so there will be 2winners :3


Glad to see a new user (to the forums at least) doing a giveaway! I won’t join, because others deserve a chance, but ill give u a like on your post :blue_heart::yum:


I want to join, hehehe… 100 chips :smiley:


I want to join


I want to join! It depends on you how many winners should be there :wink:


Everyone like this post!


Picck meme pro I start last week ct . (no lie)


I want to join.



guys 5 people isnt enought :3 i want more people to join i will wait 1 more day then announce winner :smiley:


to bad u will have to wait


Happy news guys there will be 2 winner because breez gave me 100chips more THX FOR SPUPPORTING BREEZ after 2 hours i will announce joiners from couster town then i will make giveaway and announce winner


Hey, sorry, I meant to add you, not ban you xD.


ok players that joined the giveaway from coaster town
Now im doing giveaway i will take some pictures too ofc :3



and i wrote everyone im sure


Zencipokuman the true Goku of forums :grin::slightly_smiling_face:


i really dont know anything about that anime but still thx :3 i will do more giveaways soon :stuck_out_tongue:




Congrats guys! :blush:


ı know goku is maincharacter :3 but idont know story :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm noice i won?