1 chip giveaway because why not


pick a number from 0-666


omg 1 chip is very rare ! Number: 666


1 (this 10 chars is still dumb even worse then making a topic)


273 я выиграю 100% мало)


Как дела?)


Forums is meant to be in English


69 dad
let me win


I was joking -_-


Uhh. I see really no point in this topic. But if u really feel the need to give away one chip the. Go ahead :confused:


555 daddy yes


I was supposed to know you’re joking in a language I do not speak?


Yea now I see why domi didn’t give him support role well not really maybe mat will know cuz of this




Well fook I lost


you change your pfp the old one was better


This one is better u can use the old one and I’ll send It to u but tell me what is this anime?


this one is better


That wasn’t my old pfp mine was sora having his phone out looking bored it’s my discord pfp


who is that in ur pfp anyways?


It’s sora from no game no life pretty good anime but EXTREMELY LEWD I had a hard time watching cuz uhh I picked to watch videos about games instead of lewd things